Papa’s Birthday

It’s Padir’s birthday today.  This year’s family get together was a surprise for him.  I didn’t tell him I would still be visiting them after I cancelled my trip in April for Madir’s first year death anniversary. He picked the beautiful Bicol, his and Madir’s birthplace, when I asked him where he’d like to celebrate his birthday. … More Papa’s Birthday


I thought I’d post here Urielle’s tribute to Mama. Urielle is our family’s first baby. We’ve known her  (and her family) since she was barely two years old. She grew up with us. Madir loved her like her very own grandchild.  “Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love.” -Unknown … More GrandMa


I  wrote this blog a month ago, during my layover in Hong Kong, on my unexpected flight to Manila  to see my beloved Mama one last time.   Four more hours and I will be in Manila. For the first time, I am not excited to visit my family in the Philippines; because this time … More Mama

Mama’s Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mama! It’s Christmas day and Madir’s 75th birthday. The last time I was present in Mama’s birthday was ten years ago. It was good to be here today with the entire family and a few relatives. Every year her nephews, nieces and their kids, as well as her sister/bestfriend make it a point to … More Mama’s Birthday