Luffy’s Vet Visit

We had to take Luffy for a check up yesterday. During feeding time last Sunday, I noticed that he barely touched his food and just let his twin brother Sabo eat while he sat beside him. This behavior is a red flag because these boys love to eat and they normally eat everything on their plate. Although his tummy didn’t feel hard and wasn’t making noises consistent with G.I. (Gastrointestinal) Stasis I still gave him simethicone and metacam/meloxicam in case he was in pain.

Handsome Luffy

The following morning, when I picked him up to listen to his tummy again, I noticed that his right eye was weepy. I suspected that it might be a case of overgrown tooth again. He had his tooth trimmed back in February 2020.

We called three Vets for an appointment and the earliest schedule we could get was Thursday. We decided to go to the same Vet that trimmed his tooth two years ago. During the three-day wait for Luffy’s Vet appointment I paid close attention his right eye. He was barely opening both eyes, especially the right eye. Sabo was constantly grooming him to keep his fur dry.

Twins Luffy and Sabo

The Vet’s clinic was still not allowing visitors inside. A vet tech picked Luffy up and took him inside. Vet called us and asked for permission to put Luffy under sedation. His teeth needed trimming which was most likely causing discomfort that’s why he was less enthusiastic to eat. He added that he doesn’t think the overgrown tooth has something to do with the weepy/squinty eye. We waited in the parking lot until the procedure was done. It didn’t take long. Luffy was sent home within twenty minutes. Vet told us he didn’t see anything wrong with his eye but gave us eyedrops that we’ll give Luffy for a week.

Sabo and Luffy

We decided to let the boys stay in the back seat on the way home so Sabo can stay closer with Luffy and give him moral support. They were so behaved during the entire trip. So far, his appetite has improved but he’s still squinting. We’ll take him back and request for tests on his eyes if they don’t improve this week.

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

Immanuel Kant

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