NinNin’s Final Journey

Our little NinNin is home. I had the chance to hug and kiss my boy’s ashes before his urn was sealed. It was an emotional moment again for me. It felt like Nin had just left (he passed away last week, Feb 20th). I told Kyle, the pet crematorium’s manager who assisted us that when PB passed away three years ago, I didn’t feel the need to read books about losing pets, however with NinNin I needed help to deal with the grief of losing him. It was difficult to snap out of it.

Both PB and Nin were special but the bond I had with each of them is different. While PB was the social and cuddly type, Nin was more of a skittish type bunny. He was very feisty when he was young. I had my fair share of bites and scratches from him. Still he had his own way of winning your heart and affection. He’s the only bunny SanjiBeau is friends with (we have two other lops, the twins Luffy and Sabo). I thought with SanjiBeau grieving for Nin, we could start reintroducing him to the twins. We were wrong. SanjiBeau wasn’t interested. We’ll try again some other time.


Although I know I won’t see my little boy anymore and I won’t be able to pet him again and keep him close to me, I have a sense of peace seeing his urn beside PB’s urn at the little memorial table Tashi had setup. We were blessed to have PB for 10.5 years and NinNin for almost twelve years. As selfish as it may sound, somehow those wonderful years with my boys still seemed short. My boys are together again and though they are no longer with us physically, we have their memories in our hearts.

“Sometimes,’ said Pooh, ‘the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

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