Hoppy 3rd Gotcha Day, SanjiBeau


Today is our handsome SanjiBeau’s 3rd Gotcha Day. He’s approximately six years old now. We adopted him three years ago (Feb 9, 2019) after our first bunny, PB, passed away so he can be friends/brothers to NinNin (PB’s bonded brother). When PB passed away, NinNin was so sad and we got so worried about him so we adopted SanjiBeau. The rescue owner told us before hand that SanjiBeau might not be a good match for Nin because he’s used to being a lone bun. He was used for breeding. He stayed mostly in a cage and was surrendered when his previous owner didn’t want anything to deal with him anymore. He grew up with dogs and didn’t learn bunny social skills.

We met him a week earlier than planned. The rescue owner notified us that she was going to leave him at PetSmart until someone adopts him. We drove 55 miles to meet and introduce him to Nin. Our plan was to still bring him home even if Nin won’t show interest in him. Guess what? Nin loved him! They stayed close together on their first night as brothers. He even groomed SB. They bonded in five hours! We believe PB’s happy for Nin. We asked for his blessings before we met with SanjiBeau. When I picked up SanjiBeau for the first time, I could tell he’s a very aloof and shy bun. Very much like Nin. The first thing he did was bury his head in my arms – exactly what PB had always done.

Nin enjoys watching SanjiBeau eat hay

It’s been three years now since SanjiBeau has joined our family. We love him very much. NinNin is so caring and protective of SB. He follows him around and makes sure SB is well guarded especially when he is taking a nap.

SanjiBeau guarding his poorly little big bro, NinNin

Nin is almost 12 years old now but he still feels very responsible for SB. Even in his old age and frail health, he guards SB when he’s taking a nap. SB is the same with his little big bro. He grooms him and stays beside him all the time. The love they have for each other is amazing.

“Pets have more love and compassion in them than most humans.” 

– Robert Wagner

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