SanjiBeau Strolled Around The Neighborhood

A few more days and it’s officially Spring! Weather’s starting to get warmer and we thought it would be nice to take a walk in the neighborhood and take SanjiBeau with us. It’s been a while since we last took the bunnies on a walk with us. If I remember it right, the last time we took the boys out (Luffy and Sabo) for a walk by the lake was back in 2019.

SanjiBeau in his stroller

We were careful not to stress SanjiBeau out so we planned on just walking in our street and check on him from time to time. We used the stroller we bought for him and NinNin a long time ago. Thankfully, SB didn’t look like he was freaked out so we extended our walk and went on to the next street. He started digging his blankets for awhile and we thought he was getting nervous or probably upset so we stopped for awhile. After a couple of minutes, he calmed down and settled on top of his pillow. I was glad he remained calm and got a little curios too the entire time we were out. I think he liked being out as he even ate his treats as soon as we got home. Normally, if he’s stressed out, he won’t take a treat right away (usually happens after a Vet visit).

Family Pic

It was great to spend the day (NinNin’s birthday) outdoors and bond with SanjiBeau. Hopefully, we can do this again soon.

Why hop when you can ride

– SanjiBeau

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