Padir’s 70th Birthday


Today is Padir’s, as we fondly call our Dad, 70th birthday. I originally planned on throwing him a surprise birthday party. I collaborated with my younger siblings and with my bestfriend  to come up with a 60’s or 70’s theme for Padir’s birthday.

My very good-looking Padir.

Even tough I knew I wouldn’t be able to join them physically, it was exciting to plan for Padir’s very first birthday party.  Yep, first ever. Padir chose to celebrate his past birthdays quietly and privately, mainly for financial reasons.  He doesn’t usually expect guests on his birthday but we could tell his excitement whenever relatives pay him a visit on his big day. Madir usually fixes his favorite food, Dinuguan and sticky rice.  For my American friends, pardon me if I will not explain here what Dinuguan is, since Tashi kept shaking his head when I was telling him more about it. He said Dinuguan and Balut are in the same category.

Three months before Padir’s birthday, I was talking to my sister, Eren, over the internet when she started crying. She told me that Padir is talking creepy stuff, like he thinks he’s dying and would probably not live long enough to make it to his birthday.  My sister had all the reasons to be freaked-out since Padir was sick at that time and has gotten more skinny. Like most people I know, Padir hates doctors. You will have to argue with him to take him to the doctor just for a check-up.

To make the long story short, we had to cancel our plans for a surprise birthday party and shifted our focus on convincing him to go to the doctor. Thankfully, he agreed to see a doctor, on his terms. He will see his old doctor.  My sister and my brother in-law accompanied him in the next two months for his doctor visits and lab tests.

So the surprise party was officially off. I gave him his gift in advance so he could enjoy it even before his big day. Eren told me that Padir used the money I gave him to build his own sound system.

Today, Padir celebrated his 70th birthday the usual way. Just with his family and with a few neighbors and friends.  Madir and Eren prepared some food for him and for everyone to enjoy.


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