Tribute To A Beautiful Bunny Named AwesomeNinNin


Today, our beloved bunny passed away. He would have been 12 years old next month. We adopted him from Wayside Waifs to be PB’s, our first bunny, friend/companion. I made a mistake in trying to bond them so it took four years before they became friends. It was in 2016 when they finally became the best of friends and inseparable brothers. He was very loving and protective to PB, especially when PB got sick. One night, I heard a loud thud under the bed. I thought I left the garage door open and someone got in the house. It was Nin thumping; trying to wake me up. PB wandered in the hallway and because PB was already blind and couldn’t go back to their house on his own, Nin went under my bed and thumped until I woke up and helped PB.

Nin and PB

NinNin’s life started being gifted to kids as an Easter bun in 2010 when he was way too young. His adoption papers said kids were rough with him at probably just two to three months old. The report said NinNin was saucy and feisty but he was downright mean. He would growl and hiss and bite. We almost took him back to the shelter but we were worried about who else might get him and how he would be treated. So we kept him and loved him the way he was. We are grateful we did. He ended up being a wonderful pet. We were blessed to have him for 12 years.


My dear NinNin. I love you, my boy. I will miss you looking at me and getting all excited whenever you see me coming from the kitchen because you know there will always be a treat for you. You never lost your appetite. I’ve always told you, “you make Mommy so happy when you eat” maybe that’s why even though you were already feeling weak you still tried to take the watermelon I gave you. I will miss you making little noises when I talk to you. Yesterday, I told you about the good news I received from my work and you responded with that little noise you make as if you understood me. I’ll miss saying “goodnight, Nin. See you in the morning, Sweets”. I’ll miss asking you in the morning if you slept well. I’ll miss you waking me up at 3:00AM because you’re hungry and you want your papaya and veggies. I know I’ve always assured you I’ll be fine when the time comes and you decide to be with your older brother, PB. I will try, Nin because right now I miss you so much already.

I promised you that I will take care of your little big bro, SanjiBeau because I know and I’ve seen how much you love and care for him. I’ve lost count of the number of times you jumped off the couch because you wanted to spend time and eat pellets with SB. You stayed up even though you’re not feeling very well just to guard and look after SB while he slept peacefully in your hidey box. You took care of your older brother, PB when he was sick and mourned for him when he left us. You welcomed SanjiBeau with all your heart and let him be the alphabun when we adopted him so you won’t be sad anymore with PB’s passing.

Nin and SanjiBeau on their first night together. They bonded in five hours.

You were the most caring brother to PB and SB. Both buns are lucky to have you. Your Daddy T and I miss you so much already. It’s weird how empty the house feels without you. It will be difficult going in every room and not seeing you there. You were pretty much every where; that’s why. Always hopping and exploring until you couldn’t anymore. I am sorry you never got to wear the booties I bought to help you with your sore hocks. Despite your sore hocks though, you still hopped and played with SB in the family room until he annoyed you. I will always remember how relaxed you looked the day you, PB, Daddy T and I met for the first time. You were so curious about PB. You and PB were the best therapy pets during Daddy T’s 6-week stay at the hospital. You always brightened our days.

July 3, 2010 – PB and Nin met for the first time.

I can go on and on about you, my boy but nothing can bring you back. Earlier today, when I realized you were ready, I hugged you and whispered to you that we love you. You will forever be my number one Sweets. I will miss saying, “hi Sweets! how are you, my Sweets” every time I’m home. I am broken-hearted, as well as your Daddy T and SB and even though the thought that you won’t have uncomfortable days/nights anymore doesn’t make it any easier, I want you to know you were who mattered the most and if you’re at peace now, we will all be. I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing you even after you took your last breath, even while at the Crematorium because I know there will never be another day that we can pet, hug and kiss you. Today is a sad day but the heavens are definitely brighter. Rest easy my Sweets. I hope you know how much you are missed. Wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Pawsalute for being the amazing and awesome bunny that you are. We love you, Nin. 💔😢🐰🌈💕

NinNin – March 15, 2010 (Gotcha Day July 3, 2010) – February 20, 2022 @ 5:36AM

Sad cycle of life for any animal lover. But harbor on the fact that when they were with you, they had a blast! Life was wonderful for them, and that’s all they ever wanted. And when it’s finally their time, you were with them up to the end.

– Francis Valerio

“My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.”

― Richard Adams, Watership Down

If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Lived Forever….

9 thoughts on “Tribute To A Beautiful Bunny Named AwesomeNinNin

  1. Strange how such a tiny creature can leave such an empty space in our hearts and lives.
    And, how one so quiet can create such a silence.

    I pity the people who have not loved an animal, for they do not know the animal’s love in return.
    And how special that is…

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