Happy Birthday, NinNin

Today is our little NinNin’s birthday. He would have been twelve years old. He passed away last February 20, 2022 just three weeks before his birthday.

NinNin (March 15, 2010 – February 20, 2022)

He was a tough bunny. When he was nine years old, he had to have his teeth trimmed and though I was assured by his Vet that it will be a quick procedure I was very concerned because of his age. I got more anxious when the supposed short procedure took a little more time that anticipated. When the Vet came back with him, he told us that the reason it took longer was because Nin refused to breathe in the inhalant gas. They tried a couple times before Nin finally gave in.

A couple of days after we adopted him, we bought him a tunnel with a tent. The first thing he did was to make a hole in the tent. Obviously, he didn’t want to be trapped inside the tent so he made sure there was a way out for him. He’s a very smart bun.

NinNin’s tunnel and tent.

NinNin was a truly a special bunny. We always say he has his own bunny mind. He preferred to be on his own. Though he let us pet him, it was always on his terms. He was only four months old when we adopted him. He was an Easter bun and the kids who had him first were rough on him. Naturally, he didn’t like humans and stayed distant as much as possible; but he longed for PB’s, his older brother, love and companionship. When they finally bonded after a couple of years (I made a mistake when I first attempted to bond them, so we let them take their time) they became the best of friends. He was very protective of PB and took really good care of him when he got sick.

I mourn for my sweets (that’s how I fondly call him) everyday. His death brought back the sadness I felt when we lost PB three years ago. I wish it’s really possible to have another day with them for one more snuggle, one more kiss or to see them just be together enjoying sun puddles like they always did.

I bought him a bouquet of flowers and left a couple of his favorite treats on top of his urn. Happy Birthday, Nin. I hope you and PB are enjoying the rainbow bridge. You are both dearly missed. Life is not the same without you, my boys.

“There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart”

– Mahatma Gandhi

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