It’s an insect-kind-of-day today. Lake Jacomo – same place we go to everyday to take a walk and unwind yet everyday there’s always new things to see.  Today, aside from the bunnies, deers, hawks, and prairie dogs, dragonflies and several insects are everywhere too. I told Tashi, dragonflies make me feel like I’m in a … More Insects

Backyard Bliss

Nothing better to get up to the birds chirping and the sun shining. It was a good thing to clean the birdbath last night and pour fresh water in it. I think it attracted the birds and made it their spot for taking a bathe this morning. It was so nice to see them enjoy … More Backyard Bliss

Urielle’s Visit

After a couple of months of planning, my niece Urielle is finally here to spend her summer vacation with us. This is her first time to visit the “Show Me State” and Tashi and I are both excited to show her around. She said she wanted to go to the places Tashi and I have … More Urielle’s Visit

Beautifully Imperfect

I came across these photos while moving them from my phone to my laptop this morning. If you’ll notice, these flowers are either wilted or have lost some of their petals but they are still beautiful.  Would you agree?  “There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.” – Conrad Hall 

Relax. Trek.

We had a few showers this morning  but Tashi and I, upon my request, went for a walk at the Parkville Nature Sanctuary. It was a good thing that the trails at the sanctuary were covered with mulch and gravel so there was not a lot of mud to worry about while trekking. I love … More Relax. Trek.

My Misha

It’s my last night in the Philippines and tomorrow I fly back to America.  It’s a bittersweet moment again. It’s sad to leave behind my family and friends but at the same time I am excited to go home to Tashi, PoopyBuhda and NinNin. Earlier today my Godchild, L.A. asked me to join her and … More My Misha