My Misha

It’s my last night in the Philippines and tomorrow I fly back to America.  It’s a bittersweet moment again. It’s sad to leave behind my family and friends but at the same time I am excited to go home to Tashi, PoopyBuhda and NinNin.

Earlier today my Godchild, L.A. asked me to join her and her Mom, for some girl-time and pampering at the salon.  I thought it would be a great opportunity for some bonding moments with them and I also wanted a haircut before going home so I gladly obliged.  She said it would be her treat to me. Even better.


It was good to spend time with her and talk about adult stuff. I used to tease her a lot and just be goofballs together so it felt a little weird listening to her talk about life in a more serious tone. It felt reassuring though.  I felt more confident about her; despite her young age I sensed maturity.

Thank you, my Misha for the wonderful treat.  I appreciate the gesture and I am proud of you.  There will be more challenges ahead but rest assured, your Mama and Ninang will always be here for you.


A Goddaughter is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure except by the love in your heart. – unknown

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