Renaissance Festival


Today, Tashi and I took a trip back in time through the Renaissance Festival.  Although this is my first time to go to the Kansas City’s festival I already had an idea on what to expect from these events.  Ten years ago, while visiting a friend in Phoenix, Arizona I had the chance to go to a Renaissance Festival and experience what’s it like to be back in the Elizabethan times. Although the attractions are totally different, the scenario and experience are still the same.IMG_2696[1]

Renaissance Festivals are entertaining, informative and even therapeutic to some who love to shop. Visitors are also encouraged to dress up and participate, including pets.  I saw a pug with fairy wings!SAM_2722

There is definitely a place to go and activities to keep everyone busy and entertained. There are various musical and theatrical acts, plenty of places to shop from and festival food to choose from. As always, festival food are pricey. A bottle of water costs $2.00 each.  I saved us $4.00! I heard that turkey legs are always a big hit. I didn’t try it though. I love beef better :).IMG_2700

Among it’s many attractions and activities, I particularly liked the Petting Zoo, Human Combat Chess as well as the Dungeon Museum.  It was disturbing to see how people were being punished during that era.  Truly, man is the cruelest among animals.

This sheep couldn’t wait for me to give him a treat! This sheep snubbed me, yet super friendly with Tashi.
I bet there were none or probably less nagging and gossiping wives during that time!
Punishment for drunkards.

As we head out, we passed by the Mermaid Cove. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Laguna, the mermaid (the festival’s newest attraction). But it was okay, because earlier I saw a visitor dressed up as a mermaid (complete with her hairbrush) and she agreed to take a picture with me!SAM_2721

For additional pictures, please browse my Renaissance Festival album.


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