Sama Zama


Just a couple of days ago, Tashi’s long-time friend and martial arts buddy,  Ritu introduced him to  a Japanese Restaurant called Sama Zama.  He liked the place so much he recommended it to some of our friends. To make the long story short, we’re all going there next week-end.

To me, Japanese restaurants equal sushi and not being a big fan of sushi, I wasn’t very excited about it. That all changed today.

Steak Teriyaki

We got there a little after 11:00AM so the restaurant was all ours.  I immediately noticed and liked the welcoming and modern ambiance.  For a first-timer, I ordered steak teriyaki at the suggestion of the friendly and knowledgeable server.  I was impressed with my food.  The teriyaki sauce has just the right amount of sweetness and the Mogu Mogu salad dressing was good too.  I liked them so much I ended up buying a bottle of each!


The menu list is quite long and they also offer  a wide variety of Sake.  Their friendly server gave Tashi additional information about Sake.  He decided to try the unfiltered one where heating is not recommended ;).

While I was finishing my meal, Erika the owner approached me to make sure I was doing okay.  She gave me a few information about the restaurant, food and their yummy sauces.  She also offered me recipes and pointed me to their website for more. It was also good to know that I was eating a yummy and at the same time healthy kind of food.  Their sauces are available for purchase at Whole Foods. Awesome!

Erika and Me. Peace.

Lunch today was a thoroughly pleasant experience.  Tashi bullied me for not believing him right away.

Lastly, today I learned that the term Sama Zama means variety.





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