SEA LIFE Aquarium


Tashi gave me a surprise Sea Life Aquarium visit today.  Did I sound like a kid? Well, for awhile I think I felt like I was, pointing here and there while inside the Aquarium.   Who wouldn’t be if you get nose to nose with sea creatures especially with my favorite sting rays!

Though the place wasn’t big enough, it took us only less than an hour to see the whole thing, it was still a great place to visit.  Compared to the other Aquariums I have visited in the past – Shedd Aquarium being the largest,  Sea Life was still impressive with what they have to offer (yep, I am very easy to please :D).  Families are still in for a great sea adventure and kids would still have a great time, as the Aquarium was obviously built for kids. The exhibits were nice and fun and the entire place was clean, thanks to the hardworking staff who also keeps the tanks sanitized.  It was also heart-warming to hear parents explain to their their children the importance of protecting the ocean and its inhabitants.

I particularly liked the Interactive Rockpool where you get to touch and briefly hold starfish, sea urchins and shrimps! It was fun to watch boys and girls giggle in awe as they get to be up close and in personal contact with limpets!


I was also thrilled to see Nemo and his friends! And of course, my day at the Aquarium wouldn’t be all complete without the mesmerizing beauty of my second favorite sea creatures, the Jellies!   Since it was a surprise afternoon activity, I wasn’t able to take my camera with me and just used my phone to take photos.  Feel free to browse my Sea Life Aquarium album in Facebook for more photos.

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