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It’s been two weeks now since Tashi and I enrolled at our company gym. I liked it so far. I even bought my very own stability ball and exercise mat. I also bought Cardio and Pilates games for my Wii Fit (an exercise game consisting of activities using the Wii Balance Board). I guess exercising is now getting more real to me.

Previously, I hate exercising except for regular walks while shopping or going places. I don’t even know how to operate a tread mill. The desire to be physically fit came about when we were planning our next visit to the Philippines. We wanted to be able to keep up with my 68-year old Mom in climbing “the mountain”. Nope, we’re not going mountain climbing but we will be visiting my Mom’s relatives in Bicol who lives on top of the mountain. Their places are only accessible by riding motorcycles, horses or water buffalos (carabaos in our native language). For my relatives, it is a 10-15min walk but for those out-of-condition like us, it will take about 30-45min (and probably longer if we keep resting) to reach our destination.

If we get fit in time for our vacation, we will be able to probably race my Mom who, by the way, loves to climb the mountain barefooted.

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