Our Cuddly and Spoiled Pets

It’s almost Fall and the weather’s gotten cooler! I was excited to go home today to take the bunnies out and let them play in the yard. Poopy Buhda (Holland Lop) hasn’t been out since May and today will be Ninja’s (Dwarf bunny) first. We’ve only had him since July.

Since it’s Ninja’s first time to be out, I had to put him in a fence. I didn’t trust him to be loose like Poopy as even in the house he can pretty much give me a hard time catching up to him. Poopy checked out his usual spots right away and started ‘marking’ them. He rubs his chin on sticks and grass to signify his ownership of whatever he likes and thinks he owns.

It was a fun afternoon for them I believe but not really for me. Here’s how I described to Tashi our 30-45 minutes of bonding: Ninja tried to get out of his fence so he can run around the yard like Poopy. Poopy sneaked away from me to go the bushes where he loves to hide, dig holes and chill out. And I tried my best to avoid being bitten by hungry blood-sucking bugs. I ended up with sausage-looking arms.

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