Pacquiao Wins by TKO

Once again, Pacquiao wins.
Twenty minutes before the big fight, my brother asked me if I was watching the Pacquiao vs Cotto bout and if there’s a way for them to watch it too (they’re in the Philippines and they do not have cable connection). I found out I needed to pay $55 to watch the fight which was fine for me but how would I be able to get it to them? I know my family is anxious as they are big Pacman fans. With a few minutes left, Tashi was able to find a website to watch the bout for free. My family was happy. I was too, who wouldn’t be, I saved $55!
I only watched the whole first round and got a little nervous when Tashi told me that he believes Cotto won the first round. I didn’t watch the whole fight. I would only rush to Tashi’s side whenever I would hear him react to the fight, hoping it’s to Pacquiao’s advantage. Ok, I do love bloodsport because I find spider fighting entertaining but I am not that big on boxing (compared to my family and most Filipinos). I can not stand the beating specially when both fighters’ face are bloody and swollen and no one wants to give up. I silently prayed for Pacquiao to win and for Cotto not to get beat up so bad. 

I had the guts to watch the 12th round. The referee stopped the fight. Pacquiao is now officially the only fighter to have won seven world titles in the history of boxing. 
Now I can watch the re-runs. 

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