Sky Ranch Pampanga

Our trip to Malolos, Bulacan last week gave us an idea on where to go to fulfill my promise to my nieces, Nina and Urielle and their friends, of a fun-filled day in an amusement park.  I initially wanted to take them to Star City but with the possibility of us being stuck in a nasty traffic, we went to Sky Ranch in Pampanga instead.

Sky Ranch is the first amusement park and the newest tourist attraction in North Luzon.  It has has just opened its doors to the public two weeks ago.  It sits in front of SM City Pampanga and features 22 rides with the Eye of Pampanga (Philippines’ tallest ferris wheel) as its biggest attraction.  Some of the rides/attractions were still under construction when we got there but it was okay.  The kids were already excited to try the rides that were operational.  There was no entrance fee and rides cost from PHP50.00 to PHP100.00 each (foreign exchange rate was PHP44.50 to a $1.00).  Not bad.

Excited as they were, these kids didn’t mind eating at the parking lot. They just wanted to finish eating so they can head to the park.

Before letting the kids head to the amusement park, I asked them to convince me first that they knew what to do just in case someone gets lost.  I asked Urielle and Abigael to help me keep an eye on the kids while at the park.  Everyone was thrilled and eager to try all the rides. Unfortunately, due to age and height requirements, they were not allowed to ride on some.

The Carousel
Kevin and Urielle trying out the loop roller coaster.
Happy Kids.
Urielle and my cousin’s children, Abigael and Lei. I was so happy they could join us today.
Little Tashi obviously having fun with his Dad at the Balloon Wheel ride.
The dancing lights make it so fun to watch the ferris wheel at night.
Happy and tired kids.

We originally planned to leave Pampanga at 7:00PM but we didn’t get to leave until it was almost 9:00PM. I think the kids were actually happier that we left later.  On our way home, it was delightful to listen to them talk about their favorite rides and tell everyone how happy they were for their Sky Ranch experience.

Little children, sweet and lovely
      Buds from Heaven sent to earth!
      Let us love them, teach them, guide them,
      Fill their lives with joy and mirth…
Looking up with eyes of laughter,
      Holding out their tiny hands;
      Bless these little ones, oh, Master!
      Precious children of all lands!
~Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, “Little Children” (1940s)


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