Jogging with Nina and Little Tashi

Nina’s Christmas vacation officially starts today.  She had her class Christmas party yesterday. She asked me last night if I want to go jogging with her and Little Tashi today. I said yes. We woke up at 5:30AM today but my Mom told us to wait for the sunrise because there are a lot of dogs in the street and she’s concerned about us getting chased by them. (Yes, most people in my sister’s neighborhood leave their dogs outside, unleashed). So expect dog poop everywhere and if you’re not alert and careful, you’ll end up stepping on one. (Ewww, I know).

Barbara Subdivision literally sits on top of the mountain. Naturally, jogging was easy going down the hill and going back home was the real challenge. Thankfully, I have two energetic kids with me who encouraged me. ‘Kaya mo yan, Tita Ne” (You can do it, Auntie Ne) Ahh, yeah of course I can.


Little Tashi taking the lead.
My fitness trainer, Nina reminds everyone of the importance of stretching.
…and the importance of resting.
We’re almost home and Little Tashi didn’t mind at all that we’re walking uphill. Behind him is Nina, who obviously stepped on dog poop. Ugh.
I spoke too soon. He does mind and he just sat down in the middle of the street!
Sunrise. Nina took this photo.

Since everyone was obviously tired, we watched the sunrise instead. Beautiful.

“Happiness … not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour.”
— Walt Whitman

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