Lover’s Leap


So after being ‘chased out’ of the Riverside Cemetery by a scary-looking driver in an old and rusty pick-up truck, we proceeded to Lover’s Leap before finally hitting the road back to Kansas City. Weird, but the experience was a little exciting. It felt like I was in a scary movie.  I think that was the most exciting part of our trip!


Lover's Leap
Lover’s Leap
Image Credit: Liz Garcia


Lover’s Leap also offers a panoramic view of the Mississippi River although I like the view better at the Riverside Cemetery.



The flooded town of Hannibal, MO due to the overflowing of the Mississippi River.


The story behind Lover’s Leap is just as tragic as Romeo and Juliet.  It tells of two Indian lovers, a maiden from the Fox tribe and a young brave from the Illinois tribe. where prevented from marrying by their warring clans. The pair chose to jump to their deaths from the edge of the cliff and live together in eternity rather than be separated in life.



Time for us to leave the beautiful town of Hannibal, MO.  I hope to be back here once again. I want to go to the Riverboat Dinner Cruise and visit the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum.

Au revoir, Hannibal!

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