Fiesta Filipina


In commemoration of the Philippines’ 115th Independence Day (it’s actually June 12th), the Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City held its annual two-day Fiesta Filipina event today (and tomorrow) at the Filipino Cultural Center. A showcase of Filipino culture, dance, music and its definitely delicious food this event promises fun and a full tummy for everyone. 



Tashi and I got there around 1:00 pm and there was already a (slow and) long line at the food booth. I’m not sure if everyone had the same experience and observation, but I think the food booth was a little disorganized. There was an obvious breakdown in communication. The person behind me got her food first even before I got mine and it took some time for the person ahead of me to get all her food order served. The lady serving us couldn’t hide her frustration (bless her heart). She remained friendly though and gave us an extra turon (banana lumpia) because they ran out of eggrolls (lumpia).  I wanted to get some halo-halo (Filipino dessert, a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk and several boiled beans and fruits) but I didn’t want to wait again and the chicken adobo made me full. I’ll just make my own halo-halo one of these days.

Food Booth


The exhibit room was the best.  Aside from the several Filipino crafts and artifacts, it featured a display of mid-20th century Filipino paintings from the personal collection of Perry Onstat – the figurative and romantic styles of Victor Loyola, Cesar Buenaventura, Cesar Amorsolo, and others associated with the Mabini art scene of the 1960s and 1970s. It was also nice to see a ‘giant’ scrapbook of newpaper articles which dates back to the 1960s!  


SAM_3625 SAM_3622 SAM_3605

The gleeful members of the Sampaguita Choir also rendered a medley of beautiful songs to entertain us. I didn’t get to see the performance of the Sinag-Tala Dance Troupe as we needed to leave for another appointment.  




It was a fun-filled day and definitely great to just be able to be with your kababayans (countrymen) and to simply go back in time through the music, dances and exhibits the Fiesta Filipina festival had provided for everyone.

For additional photos, please feel free to check my Fiesta Filipina album and like my Facebook Page ChattyPinay.

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