Riverside Cemetery

Liz and Steve are not just our friends they are also our Halloween-tour buddies. Tashi and I have gone to Atchison, Kansas with them back in 2010 for the Haunted Atchison Trolley Tour and to Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri last October 2011.  So it felt like we were on a Halloween-tour with them once again when all four of us agreed to the idea of checking out an old cemetery, Riverside Cemetery,  we passed by earlier on the way back to the cave complex.




You couldn’t really see the cemetery from the road. The only thing visible is its old and (kind of) creepy sign.  It seemed like it was on top of a hill. True enough, we had to take an uphill and winding road to see it.  And what a pleasant surprise we had.


The Mississippi River serves as a beautiful backdrop of the Riverside Cemetery in Hannibal, MO.
The Mississippi River serves as a beautiful backdrop of the Riverside Cemetery in Hannibal, MO.
Image Credit: Liz Garcia


The cemetery is really old.  The tombstones date back to the 1800s! Honestly, it looked neglected. But it does offer a scenic view of the Mississippi River. It’s so beautiful and serene.

And I spoke too soon. It hasn’t been that long since Liz and I had stepped out of the car to enjoy the beautiful Mississippi view and to take pictures of the river when Tashi hurriedly asked us to go back to the car. Apparently, out of nowhere, an old rusted-out truck showed up.  Tashi moved the car to the side of the road so the old raggedy pick-up truck can make its way uphill but as they pass by I couldn’t help but notice the creepy glance the driver and his passenger gave us.


Image Credit: Liz Garcia


Liz and I got out of the car again and took more pictures of the surroundings. Then, here comes that old, rusty truck again going down and made a sharp turn to the muddy road next to us. That was it. Steve and Tashi said it was time for us to leave.  We hurriedly got back in the car and left the cemetery as fast as we can so that the driver and his passenger would not see where we went to just in case they followed us.

Talk about being chased out of the cemetery by scary looking people driving an old and rusty pick-up truck. Perfect setup for a horror movie!

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