Shooting Range


Back in 2006, Tashi and I went to a shooting range to test our (well, mostly Tashi’s) shooting skills. Though it wasn’t the first time I’ve handled and shot a gun, it was the first time I’ve been to a shooting range. I liked it! I told Tashi I wanted to go back.  We both wanted to go back actually but just never did.  So when two of our friends asked us to go with them practice target shooting t.oday, the answer was obvious.


We agreed to meet up at the Crossfire Recreational Center, an indoor shooting range.  Their line-up of firearms are pretty impressive.  I got the chance to talk to one of their knowledgeable personnel and learned a few more things about guns. The range also offers CCW (Conceal/Carry Weapon) classes. I might take one.

Tashi’s first target is Zombie Becky. A few rounds shot at her and she was a certified dead undead.

Our two friends practiced with shotguns while Tashi and I used a 9mm. Tashi tried the shotgun. I dared not. I didn’t wanna go home with a sore shoulder.

There were  a couple groups of people target shooting with us. I noticed that the most common firearm used is a pistol.


Target shooting is fun. Tashi and I agreed to do it more often and not to wait for years again before going back.

Tashi used the target above to save her. He did!  He shot him on the cheek.  When it was my turn, I wasn’t shocked to see that aside from shooting her hostage taker, I also shot her in the arms!

Overall, it’s a fun day. It’s really worth it to spend a few hours at the shooting range either for sports or just learning how to shoot a gun for self-defense purposes. Try it!

4 thoughts on “Shooting Range

  1. Target shooting is fun .Hubby taught me to shoot too but it was at the back of our property. It was a big property surrounded by woods and no neighbors ,there is one part of out property that is solely for shooting purposes, so safe talaga. Hubby bought me a shot gun for protection in case somebody break into our house. Aside from shut gone he taught me to handle other gun,he collects gun aside from coins

    Never been to actual target shooting range, i would love to try it too.


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