Last Night On Earth….Again

Uh oh, the heroes are once again in trouble.

We just got back from our friends’ house after playing (again) the “Last Night On Earth” (LNOE) board game. It was actually a rematch from the first time we had the LNOE game party back in August. The heroes wanted a revenge against the zombies who slayed them over and over again.

I still decided not to play.  I just watched and took photos of them again. This time, it seemed the heroes played better but still they got eaten by zombies again, haha. It seemed to me the plan on taking revenge didn’t work, and the zombies feasted on their brains instead. The game looked very interesting and fun that I’m now thinking of playing it too.  I just don’t like reading the cards that’s why this game turned me off.  However since I saw them have fun, I changed my mind and might join them the next time we have another board game party.

They all look happy here. Maybe they thought they would finally win over the zombies. But Mark, the zombie master proved them wrong.

In between games, we found ourselves talking about stuff like families, life in general, including work (ugh), and even our love stories. It was great to hear for the first time funny stories about each other’s relationships and how we all ended up with our spouses.

It was once again a fun night with friends. Even though I knew I will not play, I told Tashi that I will still go with him simply because it’s great to hang-out with good friends!

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