Things Are Better With Friends


It’s Friday and it’s ‘Let’s Stroll the Plaza’ day once again for me and my friend Chona.

Not too long ago, Chona and I had agreed to set a date for the two of us to meet, eat, shop and just enjoy each other’s company.  Although we practically talk everyday and bump into each other every time we both attend a Pinay’s gathering, it’s still different and more fun to spend the day with just her. It’s also our way of giving ourselves a treat for working hard and for simply getting away from our daily routines.

We usually meet up around lunch time.  We like to start our day with our tummies full.  The last couple of times we met we ate at the Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo De Chao.  This time we decided to try P.F. Chang’s China Bistro.

We had soup and dumplings for starters and as beef-lovers, we both had Mongolian Beef. Yum!  Our meal was sealed by a sip of the restaurant’s flavorful sweet ginger and peach tea.

After filling up our tummies, it was time to take a stroll of the Plaza. Part of the fun was knowing that people think of us as tourists whenever they see us taking pictures!


Our last stop was at Starbucks for a cup of hot chocolate and to relieve our achy feet while we chat.  We agreed to do this again next year, in Spring.

It was such a great time. Being out with a friend on a Friday, shopping and having fun and most specially not thinking about work! How can it get any better? Truly, it’s always better to do the things you like to do when you’re with a friend.

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