What’s In A Flu Shot?


Have you ever wondered what’s in a flu shot you let your physicians inject you with annually?  Yesterday, I posted about the seasonal flu vaccines now being available to the general public. As I read additional articles about the vaccines and its so-called benefits, I came across an old article, Flu Vaccine Exposed, discussing how the flu vaccine is made and what it contains.  I thought I’d share this excerpt with you:

The flu strains selected are cultivated in chick embryos for several weeks before being inactivated with formaldehyde, which is a known cancer-causing agent. Then they’re preserved with thimerosal, which is 49 percent mercury by weight.

In addition to mercury, flu vaccines also contain other toxic or hazardous ingredients like:

  • Aluminum — a neurotoxin that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Triton X-100 — a detergent
  • Phenol (carbolic acid)
  • Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)
  • Betapropiolactone – a disinfectant
  • Nonoxynol – used to kill or stop growth of STDs
  • Octoxinol 9 – a vaginal spermicide
  • Sodium phosphate

YIKES!!!! Now, I’m more convinced that I don’t need these flu shots!

Here’s another interesting info from About.com – Bottom line: The flu vaccine varies in effectiveness from year-to-year. Even in a best-case scenario, it won’t always protect against the flu. The CDC study didn’t say that the vaccine didn’t work; it says the vaccine didn’t protect people from getting sick. Even with imperfect effectiveness, the vaccine is indicated for certain people. In my opinion, however, the vaccine isn’t for everyone and certainly shouldn’t be required for otherwise healthy people.

Below are a few more articles (not so recent, yet still informative) you might want to check regarding flu shots:




MY SAY: Now that you are more informed, get the flu shot – AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Image Credit: http://www.drybones.com

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