Hoppy Pets


The pet tents and tunnel we ordered from Amazon last week-end arrived today.

NinNin and his new toys.

NinNin was more excited than PoopyBuhda now that he has his own tunnel to play with! I placed NinNin’s new toys on Tashi’s side of the bed. He was so excited that he moved towards his toys so swiftly the next thing I knew was that he fell on the floorI had to place his tunnel on the middle of the bed to make sure Tashi won’t blame me in case we end up with an injured family member.

NinNin checking out his new tunnel.

Poopy wasn’t too thrilled with his tent though. He played with it for just a little while. I think he finds his tent too small for him or he just wants to cuddle more when he’s on the bed with us.  Either way, cuddly PoopyBuhda and feisty NinNin are both very hoppy today.

Poopy checking out his tent.




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