Last Night On Earth- Zombie Board Game Party


“Last Night On Earth”, a zombie board game of epic proportions.  That’s what our friend, Mark said  on the Facebook invitation he sent out for the board game party that Tashi and I hosted last night.

Tashi told me not to cook a lot (he says I always go overboard with food) since all of us were coming straight from work.  Anyway, I like to have at least three of four types of food to serve everyone so I fixed pansit (a noodle-based dish), sticky rice and beef barbeque. I also bought two packs of hotdogs, just in case we ran out of food. Our friends brought drinks and chips.

Even though I am not very fond of board games, I must say that “Last Night On Earth” looked interesting. I listened as Mark explained to everyone the rules of the game before they started playing. It sounded like I was watching a zombie movie. I was told that the game came with a music CD to complete the horror effect but for some reason the players decided not to use it. Mark and his brother, Eric, played the zombies and the rest played heroes.

first round

While everyone was playing, I stayed with Niko, our friends’ (Kim and Neil’s) four-year old son and watched Super Hero Squad on Netflix.

Niko, youngest nerd, joins the group whenever he gets bored from watching Super Hero Squad with me.

I’m not sure how many times they played the game but I know for sure that in all cases, the heroes got slain by the zombies. It was a fun night as always. Good times with good friends!

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