Teavana (Heaven of Tea)

Coffee or tea isn’t for me. It surprised a few of my friends when I posted on my Facebook page that I will be drinking tea from now on. On the other hand, my husband, Tashi, is a big fan of tea. Whenever he would get sick (mostly coughs and colds), he will always drink a detoxifying tea.

Even though tea’s medicinal properties have long been known to mankind, I still don’t like it. So what made me change my mind? Well, the other day, I went with Tashi to Teavana to get some of his favorite Chai tea. The store’s location was easy to find and you cannot make a mistake if you follow the scent of the brewing tea. Right at the entrance of the store were teapots where you can have samples of their tea blends and tea varieties. I tried the Chai tea and instantly got hooked. I also tried their iced Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate tea and it too was delicious! To make the long story short, we ended up getting half a pound of White Ayurvedic Chai and Samurai Chai Tea, rock sugar and a cute Japanese inspired tea set.

We had a tea toast for another blissful year on our wedding anniversary. Since then, we’ve been enjoying a cup of tea after dinner.

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