Jurassic Garden at the Powell Gardens

Day two of Urielle’s visit to Kansas City.  Today, we went to one of Tashi and I’s favorite places, the beautiful Powell Gardens.  It’s my birthday too and today is the 2nd time I had my birthday at the Powell Gardens.

This month’s theme, is Jurassic Garden: A Prehistoric Adventure. It features 18 incredibly realistic dinosaur sculptures.  It’s like travelling back millions of years and living with dinosaurs.

By the entrance of the Visitor Education Center is a Fossil Discovery Station where kids (and adults too) learn how fossils are made, and make their own fossil souvenir using leaves, shells and other natural materials.

Urielle making her souvenir fossil.

At the glass-topped conservatory. 

Beautiful scenery surrounding the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel.

Simply beautiful.
Before exploring the garden, we dropped by at the Café Thyme. I initially thought of getting either a hotdog or a burger. However, Tashi and Urielle opted for a healthier lunch so I ended up getting one of the cafe’s wraps, made with fresh produce grown at Powell Gardens. It was delicious as always.

We tried to walk as much as we could but as luck would have it, it started raining.  We used the trellis as cover but the rain got stronger. We had to run to the trolley station and almost missed the trolley!  We were soaking wet but for Urielle it was the best part of the day.

This day would not have been complete if a photo with a dinosaur was not taken. 

Ever wondered if you grew up with these creatures?  

The simplicity and beauty of these flowers always give me a wonderful experience at the garden.

Such a gorgeous place. We had a great time.

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. ~Hanna Rion





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