Fort Osage

The best way to get Tashi interested in visiting a place is to tell him it’s haunted. So yesterday, even though I was sick (but not too sick to walk) and Tashi had a bum knee, we went to Fort Osage as we had planned after learning from Don (Missouri Town 1855) that it is one of the haunted sites in Missouri.

Fort Osage is a reconstruction of the original fort back in 1812. It is so rich with history it’s overwhelming. I told Tashi the fort is very interesting but my little and sick brain won’t be able to hold too much information I would need to do some reading when we get home. Like Missouri Town 1855, Fort Osage’s staff dress-up and provide living history demonstrations to their visitors.

Below are some of the photos we took yesterday.12011408_10153661760252743_7634105829569324817_nIMG_5683IMG_5653[1]IMG_5668IMG_5670IMG_5658[1]IMG_5659

This merchant told Tashi and I a story about the ghost of a mother and child who drowned at the Missouri River. Sad.
View of Missouri River from Fort Osage.

Fort Osage has an Education Center and is a must to visit for additional information.  It has also an exhibit area which features various flora and fauna of the early 19th century.

It was definitely a good and informative experience plus Tashi was happy he got to hear some spooky ghost stories. For the win!

“Society has many built-in time spanners that help to link the present generation with the past. Our sense of the past is developed by contact with the older generation, by our knowledge of history, by the accumulated heritage of art, music, literature and science passed down to us through the years. It is enhanced by immediate contact with the objects that surround us, each of which has a point of origin in the past, each of which provides us with a trace of identification with the past.” -Alvin Toffler, Future Shock

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