Today is the start of the annual Planet Comic and Naka-Kon conventions.  Tashi and I are both excited.  We’re going to both events this year.

Naka-Kon Opening Ceremonies
Naka-Kon Opening Ceremonies

I’ve never been to Naka-Kon so I asked Tashi if we can go check it out this year. Naka-Kon definitely has younger followers compared to Comicon. I’m not sure if more adult followers will show up tomorrow. Lots of anime-lovers and it was great to see so many of them cosplay. Below are some the photos I took earlier. 

It was so good to watch Junko perform live on stage.

Tai and Sora of Digimon
Tai and Sora of Digimon

Hatsune Miku
It was an okay experience for me.  I thought some of the events were not very well-coordinated.  I was happy though that on my first time at the Naka-Kon, I got to see Junko Takeuchi, the voice of Naruto.  Hopefully, things will be better next year.

“We don’t die for our friends, we live for them” -Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

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