Attending the Sabbath services in MCC (Montalban Central Church) today brought good memories. One of them is everyone’s favorite after-church activity – eating goto (aka rice porridge or beef congee).  I still remember the times when we were all be so excited to go to our favorite goto place and sometimes the goto will taste like kerosene, yet we would keep eating and just laugh about it. I now wonder why we keep going back to that place. I hope it was not for the unique taste of kerosene!

When Eloisa and Nove asked me earlier what I wanted to have for dinner before they dropped me off, I told them I wanted to eat goto even though I just had it  two days ago.  They both laughed but gladly obliged.  They recommended Tapsi Ni Vivian. I was quite surprised to see that it’s an open-air restaurant, but it was okay. We Filipinos are used to eating hot meals in open-air cafeterias. Quite honestly though, it would have been more enjoyable had it been an air-conditioned restaurant especially when the temperature’s in the 80’s (F).

The food was definitely delicious. What made tonight even better was  being together with two of my favorite people (and Eloisa’s fiance) just talking, laughing, and simply having fun just like good old times.

I felt like a kid handed with her favorite candy when the server brought us our orders.


Take time enough for your meals, and eat them in company whenever you can. There is no need for hurry in life—least of all when we are eating. ~Edward Everett Hale


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