Kansas City Zoo

Tashi and I both took the day off today and decided to use the free entrance coupon to the Zoo that the Kansas City Zoo sent us last month. We started our adventure by paying Nikita and Berlin a visit at the Polar Bear Passage. I was glad to see that despite being watched by screaming kids and adults, they didn’t seem bothered at all. In fact, Nikita was happy to show her visitors her swimming skills.

Nikita and Berlin
Nikita and Berlin.

Our next stop was at the Penguin Plaza.  If I remember it right, the building was still in construction when we visited the Zoo last year. We were greeted by Floyd, the penguin, and by his friends outside.

Floyd, the penguin.
Floyd, the penguin.

The penguins were adorable and very playful. It felt good to see them having  fun despite being just inside a huge aquarium. Penguins For our next stop, we decided to take the tram going to Africa for the Sky Zafari. It was nice and relaxing to watch the giraffes, zebras and springboks 35 feet above ground.


Boat Ride was next on our list. We missed it last year and I didn’t want to miss it again this year so after the Sky Zafari, we hurried back to the dock to make it to the next trip. Boat Ride After three hours of roaming Africa, we then proceeded to Australia for its Aviary, Tigers, Kangaroos and Red Pandas. Aviary Our last stop was where the sheep were. It’s probably just my imagination (I hope), but I got sad when I saw them. They look lonely, hot and tired. Sheep Overall, it was a great day today.  Being off from work, spending the day with Tashi, relaxing and enjoying nature in a lovely weather like today’s was perfect! I am grateful. For additional photos, please visit and like my Facebook page, ChattyPinay.

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