Aside from the grass almost covering PoopyBuhda and NinNin whenever I let them out to play in the yard, lately I’ve also been getting fliers offering cheap fees for yardwork services/maintenance. Enough to tell me that our yard needs some tending.  Mother nature has blessed us with more rain this year so the grass are well- watered, and of course the weeds. Ugh.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I like it when it rains as it means free water for the lawn. The bush on the right corner of our house died due to extreme heat last year. Two more bushes show signs of dying so I’m trying to nourish them as much as I can. Therefore, I like it when it rains!  So today’s the day Tashi and I spent a few hours in the yard cutting the grass and doing a much needed weeding. Oh, the joys of home ownership!




Tashi cut the grass while I took care of the weeds by the side of the fence. During rest time,  I took photos of the day lilies at the back corner of our yard and of course my lovely Gex’s final resting place.




I like our yard. I like spending my time there – either on the swing (which obviously needs a replacement) or just sitting on the grass.  The eight trees we have (three in front and five at the back) provide a good amount of shade.


I also have enough space for vegetable gardening. I love the idea of growing my own vegetables and herbs.  I’m just too lazy to get started though. Oh well.

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