Meet and Greet With Kansas City Zoo’s Inhabitants




Our spontaneous and hoppy feet brought me and Tashi to the Kansas City Zoo today.  It has been eight years since we last visited the zoo and we were curious on the new attractions it has to offer.

First treat was getting discounted platinum tickets – unlimited rides to the carousel, train, tram, boat and sky safari – just because we are Jackson County residents.  There were definitely a lot of changes and newer attractions at the zoo. There is now a Polar Bear named Nikita, a very playful bear who seemed to like entertaining his audience.


Nikita the Polar Bear


After being entertained by Nikita’s graceful movements in the waters, we headed out to see Tiger Trail’s exotic animals and Australia/Asia zones’ friendly kangaroos and birds.





From Australia/Asia, we took the train and tram to get to our next destination –  Africa, to try the Sky Safari, a ten-minute, 35 feet ride above rhinos, lions, cheetahs, and giraffes. You can either go round trip or get off on the other side of the line. The line was long but was all worth it. The view from above was magnificent!


SAM_3372 SAM_3373


After the Sky Safari, we planned on taking the boat tour. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and we were unable to take the tour. Oh well, maybe next time.




Overall, it was an awesome experience. The zoo was a little crowded but we’re glad we decided to spend a few hours there. It was fun!

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