Breakfast For Dinner


Do you ever have cravings?  I do! Most of the time, I crave for Filipino foods. I crave for fishballs, beef tapa (cured beef), beef tocino (sweetened beef strips), tinapa (smoked fish), tuyo and daing (dried salted fish) and pan de sal (bread roll).  Tonight, I am craving for longganisa (links) and fried rice! So I decided to make some Filipino breakfast for dinner.  Good thing I have some marinated beef left from last night’s dinner.


Fried rice, scrambled eggs, fried dried fish, tocino or longganisa and coffee or hot chocolate are the usual food that makes up for a Filipino breakfast. My Mom used to serve this to me and my sibings before going to school. Since school starts early, we usually eat breakfast as early as 6:00AM.

Pan de sal with margarine is also a common item on the table. We usually buy them right at our doorstep.  Kids sell them and if you are a suki (regular buyer), you don’t even have to look for it, the seller will come to you!  I remember, I used to dip my pan de sal into my chocolate drink. Dipping pan de sal into coffee, tea or chocolate drink is very common. Most Filipinos do it.  It’s no different from dipping Oreos into milk. Hotdogs and corned beef are sometimes served for breakfast too, although these seldom happens to us. Imagine our happiness whenever we have hotdogs for breakfast!


fried rice, sunny side up eggs and beef strips in soy sauce marinade

I asked my niece what she normally eats for breakfast. She said her Mom usually prepares hotdogs, plain or fried rice and a glass of chocolate milk. I’d say my niece’s breakfast is a little different now from what we used to have.

Fixing our dinner tonight was impromptu. Tashi and I enjoyed our food. While eating, he asked me if I am thinking about my breakfast memories in the Philippines. I nodded with a grin.  Filipino foods always bring back good memories.

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