Juicing For Health


I was cleaning my fridge this morning and saw a container still half-filled with sliced cantaloupe.  I remember getting that cantaloupe from the grocery store last week-end so I know I need to eat it today or I will have to throw it away in the next two days. Throwing it away is not an option to me because I don’t like wasting food.  What to do, what to do?  Easy! I grabbed my handy Jack Lalanne’s power juicer and juiced the cantaloupe. Presto, I now have a glass of fresh cantaloupe juice spiced with ginger!

Tashi and I have been juicing on-and-off for quite some time now. We try to drink fresh-from-the-juicer fruit and vegetable juices whenever we can. Fresh juice taken in the morning does make a difference. I have better stamina and my tummy stays full until lunch time. No wonder juicing is also recommended for those wanting to lose weight.

The amazing health benefits of juicing has been widely known. I personally know some people who claimed that their state of health improved through juicing.  ABC News came up with an interesting and informative article back in 2007 about the health benefits of juicing.

Thanks to my juicer, I don’t need to throw away left over fruits and veggies. Also, aside from the fact that Tashi and I get to drink healthy stuff, my boy bunnies will definitely enjoy all the yummy pulp later! Win-Win!

As they say, juicing is not for everyone so better consult your doctor first before changing your diet.

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