The Frugal Me


I am more frugal than usual these days.

The first thing I do before I get to work is to apply lotion on my hands. This morning, I realized I ran out of Pleasures (by Estee Lauder), my favorite lotion.

Are you like most people that when a container seemed empty your first instinct is to throw it away? Not me.  I extract whatever I can from the container before I trash anything. Today’s one of those days.  I cut the plastic container and presto, I have some more lotion that would probably last for a day or two!

Hey, in today’s economy where prices of commodities rise almost every minute while salaries don’t, trying to make ends meet gets more and more difficult.  We all need to find ways on how to cut back on our expenses and make saving our priorities, right? There you go, I just gave you a tip on how to save and stretch your cash!

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