Planet Comicon


Nerds once again unite at the Overland Park International Trade Center for the annual Planet Comicon.SAM_2261

Comicons are fun!  For someone who isn’t a total nerd yet (me), one of the things I look forward to seeing every year are fans who dress up as their favorite characters and gamely pose for photos.

IMG_1060Almost everyone I know say that this year’s Comicon is the busiest and biggest in attendance.   We got there even before 10:00am and there was already a long line all the way into the parking lot.

While Tashi attends forums, I roamed around the place and did some shopping.  In the few times that I’ve been to these events,  I was pretty good in keeping my money in my pocket and normally go home with just the free comics handed out to me but this year, I gave in to tees and bought three Domo shirts.

I must admit that when I overheard a few youngsters getting all excited seeing people dressed up as their favorite characters, I made fun of them (just a little!).  Then I saw my favorites, Iron Man and War Machine and you know what happened next!


It was also fun to get to talk to celebrities like Adrienne Wilkinson and reminisce her Xena days. IMG_1057

I was totally nerded out at the end of the day but it was a totally crazy fun day!


Comic-Con is a special kind of crazy. Denis O’Hare


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