August Get-Away

Chicago, a truly windy city!

Arrived in Chicago at exactly 9:15pm. It was an okay trip as I wasn’t very happy with the seats assigned to us. When we booked our trip online we were given the option to choose our seats.  I didn’t like it when I learned upon arriving at the airline counter that we got bumped. Also, at the KCI Airport I had to “let go” of my keychain (a tiny Swiss knife) of 10 years. Uhm, hello how far does anyone think I could go (as far as trying to do harm) with a 1 1/2 inches Swiss knife?

Anyway, in CHI and I loved our hotel and our room! It’s so relaxing! It’s zen-inspired – my kind of ambience really! I told Tashi, we should build a zen-inspired house in the Philippines!

Tomorrow we are going to the Philippine Consulate General to take the oath for my dual citizenship. Afterwards, we will meet Corey, Tashi’s online/game friend of 12 years, for the first time. 

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