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Deadliest Warrior

While channel surfing last night, I came across a show on the Spike channel called Deadliest Warrior. It featured Maori warriors from New Zealand and Shaolin Monks from China.

I decided to watch the show with my husband joining me. Next thing I know, we’re both interested to find out which fighter can outlast the other. I must say that since I am a big fan of kung-fu movies, I secretly rooted for the Shaolin monks.

The show is very interesting and informative. Each group presented their weapons and arsenals. The Shaolin monk had their twin hooks, spinning dagger, shaolin staff and steel whip chain while the Maori warriors brought their sting-ray spear, green stone club or mere, taiyaha and sharp tooth club. They put all these weapons to the test and presented the strengths and weaknesses of each. Which one has more striking force and killing potential in other words! With the help of my husband, I came to understand better that Shaolin weapons are built for speed and precision while the Maori’s are designed for brute force, generally.

Once all the weapons are put to the test, a mock battle took place (of course it was choreographed, though for a while it looked real to me!) to showcase each of their weapons and to determine who among the warriors is the deadliest.

The Shaolin monks prevailed.

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