After-Christmas Visit To Relatives

When I called my Dad earlier today (he’s based in the Philippines), I noticed that he was a bit more chatty than usual. My sister told me that it’s probably because they visited a couple of our relatives yesterday. Knowing my father, who’s big on family, I knew that visiting his relatives really meant a lot to him. I was glad he had a great time spending time with them. Also, being able to be out of the house for awhile was definitely more than enough for him to be in a good mood today. He was house-bound since the pandemic so it must have felt really good to just be out of the house.

Happy Together. Masks were taken off just for photo taking.
My Padir with his younger brother.

It’s always a feel-good moment for me when I video-call with my Padir and he’s in high spirits. I know he misses Madir. She’s been gone six and a half years now and thankfully, although he lives alone, my sister and her family live just next door to him so they can always check on him. It was nice to listen to Padir talk about how much he had enjoyed spending time with our relatives. Good times.

“Time together as a family is a gift.” 

Joanna Gaines

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