Wildlife Habitat Trail

Day four of our Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center visit and today Tashi decided to explore the Wildlife Habitat Trail.  The trail is 1.50 miles with a short/long loop option and gravel base surface. It was a little hot today but the trees provided shade which made our walk comfortable and more enjoyable.


“This trail is never-changing, it won’t lead you astray. It won’t always be easy to follow and at times it will look too narrow for your paws. Follow it anyway, and you’ll overcome every challenge you face.” -Faolan” 
― Brittany L. Engels, Rompita Kero, Healing for the Broken Heart
We passed by this pond and saw a turtle happily swimming while the frogs watched him.
This is my first time to take a closer photo of a wild bunny! Seeing a happy bunny is always the highlight of the day for Tashi and I.
Flowers will always remind me of my Mama.
I wanted to eat some of these but I didn’t want the birds to starve.
We saw a family of wild turkey but they were too quick to hide before I could even take a photo of them.
Ahh, always a joy to spend time with nature.

Burr Oak Woods Nature Center has six trails. I can’t wait which trail we will explore next time!

Nature surrounds us, from parks and backyards to streets and alleyways. Next time you go out for a walk, tread gently and remember that we are both inhabitants and stewards of nature in our neighbourhoods.

David Suzuki

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