Baguio City

Everytime Tashi and I talk about our plans to visit the Philippines (hopefully this year), Baguio City is always included in our list of places to visit.

I’ve been to Baguio City quite a few times but I never get tired of it and I don’t think I ever will.  It’s a beautiful place and people are so friendly.

Below are some of the photos we took during our three-day stay in Baguio City the last time I visited my family in the Philippines (April 2011).

Bell Church


Nina and Urielle looking good wearing their rented traditional Igorot costumes.
The Philippine Military Academy


Nina’s first time to pick strawberries. I told her to not get carried away and just pick the ripe ones since she will be the one eating the strawberries.
Burnham Park: Urielle teaching Nina how to ride a bike.

There’s always a lot to do in Baguio. We all enjoyed our stay, especially for first timers, Nina, Urielle and Tashi. We will definitely go back and hopefully visit the places we’ve missed last time like Camp John Hay, Botanical Garden and Balatoc Mines.

Please read Tashi’s blog why he likes Baguio City.

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