Wizard World St. Louis Comicon 2014

We went to the Wizard World St. Louis Comicon yesterday.  It’s our second comicon for the year. I don’t really think that there will be a third one as Chicago trip is not a part of our budget for this year.

Since St. Louis is a four-hour drive from Kansas City, T and I left yesterday at 6:00 am.  We got there only a little past 10:00 am  yet it was already busy and lots of people were already inside the America’s Center Convention Complex.  While we were in line to get our wristbands, T spotted a cosplayer dressed as Maka of Soul Eater. After getting our wristbands, we rushed to follow ‘Maka’ so we could take a photo of her.

Maka of Soul Eater.
T didn’t attend forums this time. He was more into getting autographs of Summer Glau and Eliza Dushku. The line was really long for these two celebrities.

Eliza Dushku of Doll House.
Summer Glau. I like her in Serenity.

Lulu of Final Fantasy X
 Since we we’re driving back to KC that same day, we left the Comicon at 2:00pm to go to the Gateway Arch and possibly enjoy a riverboat cruise (both of which did not happen).

It was still a good trip.  I enjoyed looking and taking photos of cosplayers, my favorite part of every Comicon I go to.

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