Yesterday, Tashi and I and our friends Liz and Steve set on a roadtrip to visit and explore the caves at Mark Twain’s hometown – Hannibal, Missouri.  We left before 8:00am and after two hours of being on the road, we are ready for some rest. Guess where we exited? To the Ozarkland!



From shoes to yummy fudge, this store has a lot to offer. Definitely a good stop for tourists. I wanted to buy a pair of mocassins for myself but the pair I wanted was not available in my size. I bought this cute printed pouch bag instead.

A gift for myself

IMG_5083 IMG_5086


All these candies overwhelmed me!  I bought half-a-pound of mint chocolate swirl. It was good!

After thirty minutes, it was time to go back to the car and resume our trip. One more hour and we’ll be cave-touring!

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