When Chatty Pinay told me her father was going to the cock arena to show off his cock, I knew exactly what she meant and I tried desperately to be an adult. I know cock fighting (or sabong as it is called in the Philippines, or if it’s illegal or not in an official cockpit or arena, tupada) is a very popular sport (I use that term loosely) in The Philippines. Two roosters fight sometimes but not always to the death. Single or double blades can be attached to one or both legs so it can get quite bloody. Despite my hesitancy to call it a sport, there is a referee to render verdicts, a cock doctor (yes, more laughter) and many rules and regulations governing the activity.

But being an adult is a serious challenge for me some days, and my sophomoric nature won out as my grin burst into howling laughter. For the next five or so minutes being an adult was not an option as I proceeded to inject every joke I could think of into the conversation. Sadly, I could not get the alternative image out of my head as it is not the type of thing I like to imagine. My father-in-law is 67 years old. At least I had a good laugh.

Contributed by Tashi

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