It’s an insect-kind-of-day today. Lake Jacomo – same place we go to everyday to take a walk and unwind yet everyday there’s always new things to see.  Today, aside from the bunnies, deers, hawks, and prairie dogs, dragonflies and several insects are everywhere too. I told Tashi, dragonflies make me feel like I’m in a … More Insects

Lake Jacomo Marina

We didn’t learn our lesson.  After getting lost this morning (but ended up at the beautiful Marina) we went back this afternoon and got lost again.  This time, google maps just stopped working after announcing we’ve reached our destination. We haven’t. We are in the middle of the road with no sign of the lake. … More Lake Jacomo Marina

Lost At The Lake

We had a little adventure today.  After Tashi’s work-out at the YMCA this morning, he told me he wanted to take a short walk before heading home. We thought we’d go to one of the trails near Missouri Town 1855. This time, instead of picking the route we normally take, I chose a different route … More Lost At The Lake

Lake Jacomo

  Earlier this week, Tashi asked me if I wanted to go to Lake Jacomo with him. Of course, the answer was a quick and big YES!  I love nature and it’s always nice to get away from everything and it’s craziness and to just sit, unwind and admire Mother Nature’s beauty even for just … More Lake Jacomo